Community Networking

Proper networking is important to maintaining any modern community, and our own coalition beneath the Pagan umbrella is no different. Here, divided into convenient categories, I've provided a number of Pagan owned/friendly organizations, businesses, and blogs. If you have a site which you would like to see added to this list, feel free to submit it by email!

Fellow Bloggers
These are blogs from a number of different traditions and perspectives, which represent the fantastic diversity within our community.
-A great site for Norse myth and scholarly work.
-A Pan-Pagan news and information source
-Non-theistic Pagan opinion/current events
-Kemetic (Egyptian) personal/informative blog
-Pagan interfaith dialogue

Community Action Sites
Our community has a wide range of interests and concerns. These sites are issue based initiatives for Pagan/Heathen issues.

Pagan Media 
Sources for Pagan entertainment and interests. While not always explicitly religious in nature, these are media sources which are run by or appeal to our communities.

Interfaith Organizations
So many "interfaith" organizations are overwhelmingly (or even exclusively) Abrahamic; thus many within the Pagan community are wary of participation in such endeavors. These are interfaith resources which actually have a vested interest in diversity and pluralism, which include representatives from some of our own traditions.
- The Pagan chapter of the FRD is still in the formative stages, with the opening date TBA.
- While this site mostly represents a more Wiccan perspective on our community, they are open to input and participation from people of various Pagan persuasions.


  1. I really enjoyed your latest essay at Patheos Pagan. I just wanted to let you know.

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed it! It was one of my favorite pieces, but this site never got much attention when I was updating it. I felt it would do more good over at Patheos :)