Wednesday, September 18, 2013


So sometimes life goes from 0 to 90 without any warning, and all you can do is cling desperately to your seat and enjoy the ride. The past few weeks have been a maelstrom of chaos. (and by chaos, I mean AWESOME!)
Since there's no way I could tackle each of these subjects individually in a timely manor, I decided to do a big update where I just try to cover all of the interesting things going on.

-I will be authoring a column on Agora, over at Patheos!
Wyrd Words will be keeping the Thor in Thursdays on a bi-weekly basis! Look for the inaugural piece today! As if this wasn't completely obvious, I am a HUGE fan of many of the writers over at the Patheos Pagan Chanel. Even being invited to be a columnist (rather than a blog owner) feels like getting front row seats to some kind of Pagan/Blogger Superbowl.
In other news, I'm a complete nerd.

-I will be participating in the ADF Dedicant program.
Over the past couple of years I've essentially danced in circles around the ADF. I've known more then a few members, and I follow Teo Bishop who was a member until relatively recently. Despite this, I had never bothered to really examine the organization. I'm really not sure why. When I finally got around to checking it out though, what I found was an organization of Pagans which promoted scholarly study and research. What's more, they're completely open to Heathens (Even solitary ones)!
I will be writing about my experiences with the program here on Wyrd Wiles in what will likely be my first blog “series”.

-Intra-Pagan Interfaith dialogue
In an effort to initiate a long term project that I've been trying to get off the ground, I will be writing about an interview with Vice Sr. Druid of the Grove of the Rising Phoenix, Mr. Mark Bailey. Expect this piece within the next few weeks. My hope is that this will be the first of many such discussions across the various Pagan traditions!

-The FRD has announced the launch date for “The World Table”
“The World Table” is a program which will facilitate inter religious conversations, both for spiritual leaders and for any individuals with an interest in education. Essentially two parties will engage in conversation over some chosen topic, and others will be allowed to “spectate”.

Our hope is to have the Pagan Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy up and running in time to officially participate in the opening events!

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